Sibling Revelry at IDS11

I loved this year's installation at the Interior Design Show.  Entitled Sibling Revelry, it matched up 4 of Canada's most well-known designer siblings to create brand new spaces.  The above Green Bunker by My and Thien Ta Trung was the most conceptual of the 4, but I loved the fresh light the greenery cast, and the sensory element of the gravel crunching underfoot as you walked through.  Next up was Glen and David Dixon's bedroom space based on the story of Sadako Sasasi, the girl in Hiroshima who strove to make a thousand cranes before she died of leukaemia.  Their ceiling was covered in 1,000 paper cranes and they cast the most lovely shadows and shapes around the room.  It was a room spare in colour but full of luxury.  The bed was cocooned away in this white screened enclosure, and the texture on all the pillows was quite dramatic.
I really enjoyed the space created by brothers Jason and Lars Dressler, who design and produce amazing wooden furniture pieces in Toronto, often out of recycled or repurposed wood.  Their space had a very organic feel to it, and the shell was constructed entirely out of old window frames.  The room screen above was amazing, and I loved the chaise with its smooth lines and rustic hardware.  Oh, and they are QUITE handsome...just sayin....
Of COURSE I loved the space created by Sarah and Theo Richardson, which combined his modern, urban design products with her soft, country-ish style.  It was a huge hit.  The rooms were each done in a different primary colour, and they just begged to be photographed.  (I happily obliged.)  There were just so many details - while it was really busy, the theme of colour made it all work in I think about 600 spare ft of space for all three rooms.  While I don't think I could ever live in a space devoted entirely to one colour, it definitely showed the possibilities of committing to a general theme, while incorporating eclectic and unique pieces within it.  And that photo of the Summerhill station is incredible!
How I love love love this lamp.  And in the photo below, I thought the painted wooden sculpture was great, and loved how the yellow and green arrows pointed you in to the next, yellow room.
I noticed it too late to go through and take all the necessary photos, but it definitely stood out to me that ranunculus flowers were used everywhere throughout the show, in practically any display that included flowers.
So pretty - this one made me think of the Caribbean.  That headboard was such a show-stopper.
Oh and Sarah was super nice.  Must remember to dress up a bit more next year!

Lynn Jackson

One of the booths that stood for me was that one Toronto artist Lynn Jackson, who showed her knitted metal sculptures.  They were so whimsical and unique.  I read on BlogTO that she knits them using copper wire and regular knitting needles. She bases them on childhood memories, creating items of clothing and these wonderful stuffed animals.  They would such a great piece in a modern kid's room, the perfect mix of industrial, wistful, and playful.


I attended the Interior Design Show 2011 on Friday and really enjoyed myself!  There was so much to be inspired by - especially the Pecha Kucha talks moderated by Arren Williams.  And of course, visually, it was almost an overload.  I am happy to have brought my camera, although it makes a subsequent post kind of daunting!  I will post in a few of the many, many pics I took Friday.  Above is an installation I enjoyed by 18Karat, a home store with its only bricks and mortar location in Vancouver.
Above and below are some of the outdoor furniture by Andrew Richard Designs.  I had seen them at past shows and been impressed, but this year I felt they really stood out.  I only wish I had a yard that could accommodate this amazing outdoor sectional!  (I guess that's the problem - I DO have a yard, and not an 'outdoor space'...)
These lights made me swoon - gorgeous gorgeous brass plated pendants from SNOB - a store that I also remember from previous years - it reminds me so distinctly of a store I adored in Cape Town, South Africa, I can't help but wonder if they source some of their things there.  (Just checked their site and it definitely has a South Africa connection!  Must make a visit out to Carlaw...)
I also enjoyed this little teaser for the Capacity show, on until Feb 6 at Bookhou on Dundas West - anyone want to check it out with me?
So many colours - Above is a gorgeous carpet from Weaver's Art and a display showing some vibrant cane chairs in a New Caribbean Design showcase.
Of course the amazing second life rugs from Elte were incredible - the colours are so vibrant and fresh on the worn rugs that have seen their share of foot traffic - its such a great combination.  They strip the colours from old worn-out rugs (since usually they are so dark and stained from years of use) and then re-dye them with vibrant and unexpected colours like rich pinks and purples... I especially love the Union Jack carpets, although one of the patchworks in blue would be my choice if ever I had one!
And speaking of Union Jacks - this great display by Upcountry for their new Timothy Outlon line was really nice - I didn't add it here but they had a great table set with amazing jadeite dinnerware - I want some!!
Montauk has a great place to sit and put your feet up - on massive bronze tables, surrounded by these great blackboard walls... and below, the Muskoka Collection from textile designer Julie Moschenross of Manor12 was just beautiful, my photo doesn't do it justice.  Definitely check out her site, her stuff is just beautiful!
Style at Home's booth was really fun and I thought a great showcase for the magazine.  It was a collaboration with Beauti-tone paints, and the paint can chandelier was cute.  Every wall showed a paint stick with the colour written on, the props and art were all referenced as they would be in the magazine, and the room was fresh and fun.  It definitely stood out.
These are for Chris - as I mentioned to Gil VandenHeuvel (the Recycler), if I were ever to get a piece of furniture into our house without protest from the hubster, it would be one of these recycled bicycle tables.
I have already done a post on Urban Tree Salvage in Toronto, and as a result my brother got one of their custom coffee tables!  They use all urban trees that need to be taken down due to disease or decay and make amazing furniture and accessories out of them.They had some great stuff on display, including this wonderful beam on castors that I only wish I had room for.  It would be so awesome in a loft...
OK, if you aren't too bored yet, there is much more but I am worried if I don't get this up soon I will somehow lose it all... so up it goes.

Minimalist Muppets

Have you guys seen these?  The minimalist muppets series from Eric Slager, available for purchase here.  They are fantastic!  Can you recognize them all?  (Do I need to ask if you remember the Muppets?  Argh, I hate these feeling-old moments...) The real question is, do you know all the Muppet's names?  I sure didn't!  Slager has a beautifully-designed website too - no surprise.