Milk-y goodness

I love these wonderful photos of a family home in Amsterdam in an old church.   I do enjoy a good church conversion!  Why does it seem all the coolest ones are in Europe?  POssibly the age of the church might have something to do with it... but also that love clean aesthetic.  These images are from Milk - and there are many more!
The pièce de résistance are those incredible windows.
So lovely...
Every home needs a swing and a pinball machine - in the same space.

Make Your Spirits Bright

I am stuck at work tonight and most nights this week in a busy, busy week and missing my dudes.  (For those of you in Toronto - when you get the TSO brochure in the mail, think of my long nights of writing, proofing, editing, and researching - and don't throw it out right away!) These photos the wonderful, fabulous Nanny Jen took have been making me smile all day.  Love.  This is what Christmas means to me - red cheeks and snowpants, and great big grins!

City of Craft Fair

My little guy and I made it down to the City of Craft show, and it was quite fun!  He was a little overwhelmed by the music and the crush of people, but when one vendor gave him a paper press ruler, he was thrilled.  I took some iPhone photos of some of my favourite booths.
 I loved all the beautiful children's stuff from Petit Flaneur, and Sandra was there with her gorgeous children (her little girl and my little guy had a long hide-behind-Mom's-leg-and-stare-at-each-other game).
 Coasters from Trip Print Press, who gave us the ruler...
 Beautiful plants-you-can't-kill from Shannon Gerard.  The display was so lovely.  I also loved her card (below) - I love to see people business cards!  Check out her site - her crocheted anatomical hearts are awesome.
 Amazing stuff from Lines by:Davis - they had one scarf I really had to fight not to get for myself!  And damn, now I see it was way less than what he is charging on etsy... DAMN!
 All in all I would love some props for not filling my bags with things for myself!  Instead, Will and I picked out this nice walnut belt buckle for the hubster:
 And OK a couple of old posters for our walls...
 It was a fun show, but the best part was hanging out with the little dude. :)

City of Craft

Thank you to Jen Fowler to alerting me to the City of Craft fair happening this weekend at The Theatre Centre on Queens St West.  It looks amazing, I think I have to go on Sunday.  Who's with me?
I have been feeling WAAAY too confident these days - looks like I may have to register for an Unflattering Portrait...

 Or possible hide my features (and highlight my cute nose) in at the Silhouette Cameo Photo Booth.

Covet Garden

If you have not yet checked out the online magazine Covet Garden, you really, really should.  It is wonderful for so many reasons:
  1. It is from Toronto (although the latest issue features a couple from PEI - go stylin' East Coasters!)
  2. Each issue deals with one home, in depth - the decor, the style, the story behind the people who live there, food they like, clothes they wear, idea on how to replicate some of their aesthetic.  I love the idea of really delving into these stories, like you would if you actually visited their home, rather than flipping through the best photos in any other mags.
  3. The layout and design of the magazine is beautiful.  The photos are stunning.  The fonts are perfection.  The spacing, the writing - it's so good.
  4. It's REAL.  Ok yeah the photos are styled, duh, but these aren't the super rich homes with amazing art and furniture and carpets we could never replicate, these are the unique homes of artists, students, the people down the street.  Talk about design voyeurism!  So good.
  5. The homes they pick are amazing!  Quirky, eclectic, individual.  Fun and stylish.  Inspiring.

Here are some screen shots I love, but you have to head over to get the whole picture.  Subscribe to make sure you see them all!  (Um, no I don't work for them...BUT I COULD!)  :)
 This one was pretty cool to see since it was the home of former AGO curator Dennis Reid, who I met when I did my museum studies degree - fun to see where he lives!
 LOOOOOOVE this nursery. Love. 
 The pillow.  It really is the best. pillow. ever.

2011 Calendar

There are so many amazing and lovely calendars out there, it is really hard to choose just one.  Often, this leaves me with none.  However, that changed this evening when I discovered this lovely polaroid camera on poppytalk, sold on Etsy by photographer Azuree.   The combination of the polaroid shots, with the beautiful font, all ready to be popped into one of my Ikea frames...sold.
Included are bakers twine and mini clothes pins for hanging, in case you don't have Ikea frames on hand like me... If you are in the market for a unique and hand-made 2011 calendar, head over to the shop (where there are also lovely cards and prints for sale) and enter xopoppy at the checkout for 40% off!  Thanks for the head's up Jan!

Things Organized Neatly

Some fun, obsessive-compulsive, and colourful images from the very awesome photo blog Things Organized Neatly.