Here Comes the Sun!

Is it possible to get drunk on sunshine?  Because I feel like I have been the past couple of days - stumbling around all squinty-eyed with a big grin, saying things like "oh it's just so BEAUTIFUL!" and "just look at the SKY!" and "I love yoouuuuu....."  I mean, it could be the wine I had with breakfast, but I'm thinking it's the sun.

There is something about yellow that just makes a person smile, no? I have some new yellow tulips stuffed in a vase in the kitchen and they just put me in the best mood.  They're so damned cheerful.
The way they brighten the space makes me want to switch out all my accents to yellow for spring. Candles, paint some wooden candle sticks, pillows, artwork, a throw... I mean not too much because that's just obnoxious, but little bits here and there to make everyone smile.

These paint colours are just the sort of shade I have in mind.  They would look pretty in a powder room, or a sun room, or maybe inside a closet or bookshelf!

1. Pratt & Lambert Shantung
2. Benjamin Moore Butter
3. Sherwin Williams Fun Yellow
4. Behr Lively Yellow
5. Benjamin Moore Hawthorn Yellow
6. Benjamin Moore Moonlight Natura
7. Behr Lemon Souffle
8. Benjamin Moore Lemon Sorbet
9. Benjamin Moore Sundance

Side note: It's so crazy how colour is not an absolute.  All of these yellows look completely different when you put them beside other yellows than they do when you see them on their own or with another colour. The Sherwin Williams colour (3) looks almost green here but seemed like such a sunshiny yellow in my file.  And they all look way more pink than they did in my Photoshop!

Of course, there's always wallpaper too - maybe because we had pretty yellow wallpaper in my front hall growing up, I always think fondly of yellow wallpaper.

How gorgeous is this Thibault wallpaper as seen in Better Homes & Gardens?
or this stunning Harvest Hare wallpaper?
I can't find the source on this other than here - any ideas?
pretty Farrow & Ball wallpaper from a Design*Sponge tour
If a whole wall seems extreme, what about putting a frame around it?

How fun is this Graham & Brown wallpaper?
more Farrow & Ball yumminess
and more!

For an effective splash of colour, one could always paint a door yellow - I love how happy they look. Too bad we have aluminum and glass doors...

via Simply Grove
via Modern Maggie
via jdrushphoto
via Apartment Therapy
via Real Sliding Hardware
via Remodelista
via The Art of Old
And of course, you can always count on Etsy when you need a spot of colour.  Etsy never disappoints.

Poster, Pillow, Shower Curtain, Light, Bedding, Vase

Yellow: I think you get the idea.  Have I convinced anyone? And now instead of looking up yellow on my computer, I'm going to go out and enjoy the sunshine!

Peace out.