online temptations

Thanks to the blog Modish, I have been exposed to ridiculous online temptation.  Really it is a good thing I am preggo (although shoes and earrings still fit - right??).  This store Rouche is like Anthropology only affordable!  I guess I should have checked if they even ship to Canada before I got all excited, but check out some of their beautiful offerings:
Beautiful scarf - $22.99
Fabulous Shoes - $36.99

Funky Earrings $10.99

Beautiful dress $36.99

Chiffon tank $36.99

So much more gorgeousness on their website...

perfect summer bag

Mum and I spent a super long time at the Winners in Saint John looking for a nice summer purse for her.  Actually - she looked at purses and I chased William around the store.  Then we switched - then we switched back.  In the end - no purse and one tired and hungry William.  It seems I should have just started with etsy!  There are tons of gorgeous bags on there, but some of my favourites, and the most affordable, were from seller bayanhippo.  Check out some of my favs - bright, fun and super summery!  And at about $35US, affordable for just the season.

I think this stripey one might be my favourite, although I also love the apple green.

She also makes these adorable little dresses and kimonos - good thing I have a boy!

wall art

Found these on etsy and I just love the sunshine one especially.  Maybe I should get it for the new baby room?  They are a bit pricey but she has some lovely designs.  Her store is

beautiful necklaces

Saw these on the blog My Love For You is Like a Stampede of Horses. Wow that's a long blog name. They are so pretty!

They are made by traceface.

Hey Sugar!

And here I thought giving William a box of raisins was actually responsible parenting... On treehugger today they posted about this website that shows graphically how much sugar is in the things we eat and drink - much more effective than reading nutritional information. I have attached a few examples, but there are many more at their site.

Beautiful Philosophy

Um... For some reason I am drawn to this bag, and this philosophy.

I do not mind trying to save the economy single-handed. Really I don't. Chris? He minds.

You can buy this bag here. Found on More Ways To Waste Time.