Susan A Cooney

Mark Island, 1999
I haven't been on the blog of a bit, thanks to a lovely virus that made the rounds at our house this week. We are now (hopefully) on the mend, and I for one am happy to have my mostly-smiley kids back!
Since I haven't been scouring my usual sites this week, I went through my bookmarks to see if I had any goodies I hadn't shared yet and found the gorgeous pencil drawings of Susan A Cooney.  My dad sent me her website a while ago and at first I didn't realize they were pencil - I thought they were black and white photos.
Lime Island, 2000
Cooney worked and sailed on tall ships all over the world before setting in Maine with her boat-building husband.  They live on board their 25-foot wooden sailboat and her studio is in Belfast.  Having grown up on the coast on New Brunswick (which is essentially the same coast as the Maine coast) I am amazed at how perfectly she captures the spirit of the landscape - the light on the water, the splash of a wave on the rocks, the scrubby and hardy trees that face the elements year-round - all using only graphite and shades of silvery-grey.
Cloudy Day, 2002
Eastern Mark Island, 2006
Owl's Head, 2000
My Penobscot Island, 2000
Southport View of Boothbay, 2004
Seal Bay, Vinalhaven, 2011
Oak Island Passage, 2004

Gosh, they make me homesick!  Not sure I could live on a boat (especially with two kids) but some days I am very tempted.  Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves and the pinging of the lines, coming up to feel that ocean breeze on your face...not bad!


  1. Happy to hear you're feeling better! This drawings are incredible. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is amazing what some people can do with a pencil, no?  Thanks for the visit Janis, and glad you are feeling better too!


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