Master of my Domain

Like many bloggers out there, I have been inspired by Alt Summit, Blog Podium, and Canadian Design Bloggers Meet-up to put a little more effort and professionalism into my blog.  I started the blog way back in 2008 as a fun way to share cool stuff with my friends without overloading their inboxes.  There is so much imaginative, creative, beautiful, and inspiring work out there I was/am never at a loss for material.  Although I often still have my friends in mind with my subject matter, it has come to my attention that a few hundred other people from all over the world regularly stop by my wee slice of the internet to see what's new - I am honoured (and kind of amazed) by your visits!

It seems like there are a few kindred souls out there who like my "style",  and I thought that it might be fun to find even more of you.  To that end I am following the advice of some generous blogging experts and tweaking the blog to make finding me easier, and visiting more enjoyable.  First, I have invested 10 whole Canadian dollars into purchasing  An internet domain to call my very own!  The blogspot address will still get you to the blog, so there's no need to change bookmarks or anything.  It just means new people won't have to remember if I am on blogger or wordpress or something else. Also, it makes my inner nerd SUPER excited.

Next, I am attempting to bumble my way through learning html coding to add some navigation tabs at the top.  This may take a while to complete, since I am also writing posts, taking and editing photos, doing a small contract, oh and raising a couple of kids.  However, I am a Taurus, and nothing if not stubbornly determined, so it will eventually get done!

Next, I now ask of you: any advice?  Pointers? Tips?

Got any insight into my "brand"? ('Cause apparently my blog is my BRAND - yikes!)

Any stuff I post that you really like?  Hate?  Couldn't care less about?

Any other tabs you think I should tackle effortlessly create?

If you have the time to leave me any tidbits, I would love it ever so much.
If not, I now have my own domain, so I'll be ok. :)

And finally, I have to thank you for reading, and visiting, and commenting.  You guys sure make a girl feel great - MERCI!! xox


  1. Yay! Congratulations! You have a lovely blog and I think it's great you are inspired and energized! I am not sure I can give all too much advice, but I will say don't be afraid to NOT post something because it doesn't fit with the theme of your blog. I feel like I am always editing, not posting every picture or writing every detail.

    Just keep being you Lisa, cause you are pretty fabulous!

    Best, Vie

  2. yeah! i like your blog and am enjoying your new photo series...keep posting away!

  3. That is awesome advice Vie, and your comment is so, so sweet.  Thank you for your support, and for helping to establish such a supportive design blogger community - you are a super star!!

  4. Thanks so much Sundeep, I truly appreciate your encouragement! :)


Thank you so much for your comment - they always make my day!