Photo School

A is for Apple
A is for Apple (brass apple)

I have been having a ball with my assignments for the Souvenir Foto School I signed up for.  They each take forever by the time I set up the shot, take a thousand, choose a couple to edit, fool around in Photoshop, and finally upload them.  My theme has been "A few of my favourite things" which is a pretty loose and easy theme, really.  Shannon of 8foot6 has been doing "stacked" as her theme and her shots are amazing.  We are going alphabetically again (although you don't have to do them in order) and here are my first four.  I would love to know what you think and if you have any constructive tips or feedback!

The original
B is for Buddha (antique statue from my father-in-law)
C is for Cole Haan
C is for Cole Haan (my most favourite boots in the world)
d is for diary
D is for Diary (my travel diary from my time in Southern Africa in 2000)


  1. Your shots are gorgeous! And I love the theme you picked.

  2. This is a SUPER fun class! I am so glad you blogged about it! Otherwise I would have no idea!

    My water shot took the longest...actually those dumb origami cranes today were such a bother...but I made them, so I needed to just get the shot!

  3. Isn't it awesome?  I learn so much every time.  It is pretty time-consuming though!  I think you are doing amazingly, you have such a good eye.  And I liked the cranes!

  4. Thanks Beatrice!  I am slowly improving - it is amazing how much better you can get just from taking more and more photos.  And the theme works for me since it is flexible enough for those days when it all has to be last-minute, but still personal!  Thanks for leaving a comment, I appreciate it. :)


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