Marni for H&M - yes please!

I have always been a Marni fan - from afar of course.  My budget is a little more joe-fresh-gap-on-sale than straight-from-the-runway.  But the colours and patterns and cuts are so bright and fun, I always sigh a little sigh when I see their latest collection.  I did a dance of joy when I saw that they are the latest designer line to collaborate with H&M.  Now, I was at a store for the Comme Des Garcons collaboration launch and barely lived to tell about it, so I am not sure if I am brave enough to fight the crowds...(oh who am I trying to kid). I do worry though that some of these beautiful tribal patterns will look cheap and feel cheap in person. But they look lovely on-line!  I love the dresses and the bracelets.  There is nothing in the collection priced over $149 (most of the dresses are $99).  It will be in stores starting March 8 - I know my calendar is marked!

I also kind of love the shoes and the wacky leggings, although I ponder their practicality with my current wardrobe... I REEEEEEEALLY love that top dress, and the green African print...and those bracelets... this could get expensive!

All photos via Fashionologie from the Marni for H&M Look Book and official advertising campaign.


  1. yes i think this is one collection i will have to brave the crowds for!

  2. I think I would kick myself if I didn't... :)  See you out there in the throngs...

  3. Barbara @hodge:podgeFebruary 24, 2012 at 5:05 PM

    That is why I heart H&M - so affordable and chic!

  4. It's so true - they are perfect for that one trendy item that makes your wardrobe look current but isn't an investment!

  5. I completely agree - I want it!


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