Junghwa by Amy Stewart

There is something so delicate and feminine about the jewellery by designer Amy Stewart.  Her simple, inexpensive pieces could be worn every day and go with everything; they have that special timeless-and-classy feel to them.  I also love that she quit her job as a Medical/Orthopedic Technician to make jewellery and sell it on Etsy, answering a life-long call of creativity.  These are the stories that are standing out for me lately, as I continue to ponder what my next steps are going to be... I would love to make things as beautiful as these pieces!
Visit her shop here to see so many more designs - all totally affordable and perfect for, say, your own Valentine's gift to yourself!


  1. Thanks for continuing to feed my etsy addiction. I just bought a bracelet and necklace. Sorry visa. 

  2. Happy to help, as always.  Which ones did you get???


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