Photo School O to U

O is for Orchid
O is for Orchid
Wow, this photo-a-day thing is intense.  I spend forever setting up, forever taking photos and adjusting settings, and forever in photoshop making it just right.  I think my husband is going to be very happy when it is over.  That being said, I cannot believe how much I have learned this time around.  Practice makes perfect, and while I am far from perfect, I am certainly getting in lots of practice - on my camera and in photoshop - which is invaluable.  I realize my photos have no distinctive theme or look, but that is because I am experimenting so much with each one.  I have my favourites - when I get to the end I would love to know if you do too!  Here is my latest instalment:
p is for paperbacks
P is for Paperbacks
Q is for Q
Q is for Q
r is for running shoes
R is for Running
s is for sand dollar
S is for Sand Dollars
t is for tulips 2
T is for Tulip
u is for upstairs
U is for Upstairs

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