To Caftan? Or not to Caftan?

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Not to rub it in, but I have been spending a fair amount of time lately on the beach.  For modesty and comfort sake I have been making use of my favourite caftan/beach cover-up - a Virginia Johnson tunic I got at a sample sale with a cute elephant print (I am slightly obsessed with elephants, in case you haven't noticed).  It is nice, light and comfortable, and I have managed to convince myself that it doesn't scream Golden Girls.  I found some more that I love, and many of them have me daydreaming of cocktails on the beach, or in the backyard!  However, even on a tropical island I am not sure I could rock them in public.  What do you think - is there ever a place for caftans that doesn't involve sand... or Florida retirement homes?
Grecian goodness from (cute babe gratis)
Lovely caftan from etsy seller Georgia Williams
Long caftans from India-based etsy seller JustCottons
Mara Hoffman Number
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Have I mentioned I love
Queen of Caftan Project Runway winner Anya Ayoung Chee
PS - Google Golden Girls.  The photos are hilarious.  It seems they mainly wore dressing downs, but Dorothy (Bea Arthur) seemed to like caftans over blouses...yikes.


  1. 2 words.
    Mrs. Roper.

  2. I have a number of maki dresses and caftanesque getups. My sister likes to sing "...and then there's Maude" every damn time I wear one. I like to think I rock the Bea Arthur :) I love them, so there.

  3. barbara@hodge:podgeAugust 10, 2012 at 8:11 AM

    Yes, they bring me back to my childhood, but there is something so intriguing about wearing one, very forgiving don't you think?

  4. Yes Caftan!
    I don't have any associations with them? Except awesomeness!

    We made Elephant cookies yesterday! So cuuuute!

  5. I don't know why, caftans always make me think of either the 60's hippie love thing, or, well, the Golden Girls.  But I still love them. :)  DO you have any?

  6. Absolutely.  They are so, so comfortable - perfect for lounging with a big more style than yoga pants. :)

  7. Rock the Bea Arthur - HAHA, Dharma that is going to be my new catch-phrase.  They are kind of costume-y but I think that is maybe why I like them.  Bring on the drama. :)

  8. HAHAHAHAHA - Oh man, say no more.  Visual image complete. :)

  9. YES caftan! I love #2 and #8 are my faves :) they look so comfy !

  10. Oooh another Yes!  They are adding up.  I wonder where I can find that first one?  Soooo pretty.  Thanks for the comment! :)

  11. Nope! I wish! I can't bring myself to shell out for something that has such a specific know? you either where it around the house where no one would notice and it will be full of baby food...or you wear it at the beach as a cover up (and I have other large tanks that do this job!)


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