Sailing Style Decor Inspiration by Tricia Foley

I mentioned that my parents have a library of home design books - I wish I had time to read through more of them.  Definitely one of my favourite ones is this Sailing Style by New York Designer Tricia Foley.  Although it is a good ten years old, I think it is fresh and timeless, much like the nautical style it describes.  Instead of being packed with perfectly styled images of Nantucket homes, Foley focuses on the essential components of nautical style - white sails, rope, worn brass, maps, and weather vanes - and fills the book with beautiful photos depicting the mood and romance of living by the sea.  The photography by Michael Skott is amazing and captures the fresh salt air, natural textures, and timeworn simplicity of the style.  I highly recommend it for anyone looking for inspiration!  I took some photos of a few of my favourite spreads - sorry about the inconsistent quality (and the rock is just there to hold the pages flat!).
Beautiful cozy reading room (or is there a TV off camera?) love the simple framing of the prints.
Not sure I would keep the enormous dead fish on my wall... but the rest is divine!  Love the oars in the corner.
Gotta love the white slipcovers, and that coffee table...
Beautiful bed, and I love the clean, spare bedding of a blue gingham sheet and single white pillow.
Old quilts and iron beds - and an open window.  Heaven.
Love the styling, green colour, and well-worn feel of this bookcase.
Shells.  Cream everything. So simple, so pretty.
What a great painting and chair, and beautiful barometer on the wall.
Hurricane lamp, chalkboard, bottle/vase - this could be in any magazine today.
GREAT blanket and bed.  I always used to make my bed this way as a kid, with an old white coverlet.
Pretty weather-worn cedar shingles.
Not a bad spot for a bite of lunch! (bet it gets windy though).
Not your typical white kitchen, but how about those open shelves, brass fixtures, and that stone sink??
White and worn cedar.  And look at the curved garden bench.
That curved and panelled breezeway makes me want to weep.  Not to mention the shingles, the windows, the door, the VIEW...
What I wouldn't do for a pantry... I can already hear the squeak of those drawers...
The back section of the book also includes more inspiring resources, stores, magazines, and designers specializing in this nautical style.  If you see this book anywhere - nab it!  My only problem is trying to figure out how to incorporate this style into my house in the city - far away from salt water of any kind...not sure my neighbours would appreciate a lobster trap in the front garden... :)

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  1. we love nautical theme decor as well! great post lisa!


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