Target wants you to have a Big Honkin' Summer

I love these big, punchy, graphic, and colourful advertisements for Target.  They are so happy and cheerful, and noticeable while still being consistent with their usual branding.  Their agency also did a great job of recreating the spirit of the campaign in-store.

Their first stores are set to open in Canada in March/April of next year.  Are you excited?  Or is part of the charm of Tar-Jay that it is always linked to a cross-border adventure?  I know that I still love Crate & Barrel, but J. Crew is a bit of a disappointment for me.  I was watching a report on the National last night that was projecting what the arrival of big US companies like Target would mean for Canadian companies like Jacob and (American-owned) Sears and The Bay.  Do you ever consider nationality when you shop?  I know sometimes I will go to Canadian Tire before Home Depot when I am feeling nationalistic, but am usually lured by the price above all.

Agency: Target iH
Sr. CD: Jason Langer
CD: Jon Baugh
Sr. Art Director: Allan Peters
Jr. Art Director: Emily Reile
Writer: Anna Stassen
Illustrator: Tom DiTolla: Spectrum Studios
Found via Design Work Life

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  1. These ads/campaigns are so fun and cheery! This is another reason why i love marketing/advertising, the amount of work and talent people put into this are incredible.


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