Modern Rustic PERFECTION in South Africa

Staying at my parent's house is like design immersion.  There is always some house reno show on, and the place is littered with magazines such as DWELL, Architectural Digest, Furniture and Cabinetmaking, Fine Homebuilding, Fine Woodworking, and stacks of well-perused (slightly-tattered) books on George Nakashima, Mackintosh Masterworks, and Tropical Asian Style.  For all that my Dad loves his beautiful woodgrain and antiques, he seems to be drawn to a very modern design language - based on the magazine and book piles I keep tripping over, anyway. :)

I tend to look at the very sleek and modern homes and architecture in DWELL as interesting but cold and well, kind of boring.  Not to mention, they never look very comfortable for actual living.  THIS place, however, has managed to be truly modern in design (it is essentially an open box) while incorporating warm, natural, even rough materials.  It is designed by Silvio Rech Lesley Carstens Architecture and Interiors, I think it is one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen, modern or not (even though it is actually a cottage or get-away place for the owners).
Not sure if that is a tapestry or a photo but I want it either way.  It is a tapestry by Albert Redelinghuis.  Mind = BLOWN. 
I thought this STUNNING back wall was some kind of stone, but it actually rammed earth.  I had to google it.  It is highly compressed dirt, essentially.  Environmentally awesome and beautiful to boot.
Notice the amazing hanging sculpture made of whale bones.  LOVE. IT.
How's THAT for a white kitchen?  Love the rough timber backsplash.
Rammed earth wall + what looks like a tree trunk used as a couter = bathroom bliss
Look at that TABLE.  And of course, the tree growing in the dining room...
Is that not amazing?  I can't wait to show Dad, he's gonna love it. (And by saying that I am guaranteeing that he will say he doesn't. ;p)  It was shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival Prize in 2011 - no surprise.  Hmm... I should go see who won!

Styling Leana Schoeman Photographs Elsa Young
See original artical and photos in South Africa's House and Leisure magazine here.
See even more photos on the World Buildings Directory.


  1. That looks like such a relaxing space!

  2. Love! That fireplace is really cool!

  3. Perfection is really the right word for this place. Holy smokes!!! I need to be there right now! Forget about the rainy weather we've been having in Toronto!

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