"Going Home" Guest Post: Sarah from Redesigning Sarah

I am very lucky to have so many friends helping me keep the blog going while I am out east - I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am!  Today the VERY sweet Sarah of ReDesigning Sarah is giving us her take on what it means to go home.  Sarah is one of those gals that I chatted regularly with online and was so happy to meet at Blog Podium, where she was just as lovely and funny in person as on Twitter!

Thank you so much Lisa for having me share my thoughts of what "Going Home" means to me. When Lisa wrote her post about Going Home to New Brunswick it struck a chord with me. It really got me thinking about what "Going Home" means.

I grew up in Toronto where I took the subway to school and walked everywhere. We moved out of the city to the big, bad (well, not really so bad) suburbs four years ago and I still self-identify as being from Toronto when anyone asks. But is Toronto home or just where I grew up? Why am I so nostalgic for the YYZ? Here's a flavour of what makes me smile when I am thinking of Toronto ...
I used to travel more than I do now and I remember flying into Toronto and feeling the mix of comfort and excitement as the plane circled the city before landing.

The subway. Yep, the good 'ol TTC makes me nostalgic for where I grew up. There is something about the noise, the door chimes and the musty damp smell. Weird - perhaps. But familiar. Although the automated voice announcing the stops is kinda lame. I liked it better when the conductors could put their own spin on things with announcements.

One of the things I am passionate about is making sure my kids know their way around public transit. Several times a year we head downtown on a combination of the VIVA bus, the subway or GO Train. Sure it takes longer but it's an adventure in reading maps, transferring stations, figuring out which platform to go to and consulting schedules. And I make 'em walk too (I love walking!).

Trees. Toronto has fantastic trees that create canopies in the summer and colourful collages in the fall. I grew up on a street with tons of trees and played in parks that were full of greenery.
Fortunately for me when I moved to the burbs I didn't move to a neighbourhood that looked like this:

My current street has all the features I love about Toronto trees - big, leafy and gorgeous!
At the end of the day home is where the people you love are. I'm lucky to be raising my little family in such a special place. And I'm lucky that I can walk them to school like this ... that's what going home is now for me.

What a great shot Sarah - I love it.  You hit on so many of the things I love about Toronto, especially all those big tree-lined streets. It really is such a green city, I always marvel at how lucky we are. I'm glad you get to enjoy it in your new home! Thanks so much for your post. :)

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  1. I definitely don't want to live in a cookie cutter suburb either! Big leafy and historic neighborhood for the win!

  2. Great post, Sarah. Wonderful photos!
    I love the things you chose to highlight about the city.
    As Dorothy so wisely said, after her visit to the Emerald City, " there's no place like home!"

  3. Great post Sarah! Great series Lisa!

  4. Excellent. It's nice to read about the things you find nostalgic about Toronto. Glad to learn your new address is becoming home as well.

  5. Hi Brandie, thanks for the comment! I agree it is always nice to see what people love about the city - there are just so many things to love!

  6. Thanks so much for the thoughtful post Sarah - I loved reading it!

  7. I know - coming from the east I definitely have a preference for old houses and old neighbourhoods... :)

  8. I especially love that last shot. Kind of says it all for me about 'home'!

  9. Great vantage point Sarah! I definitely love the walking of Toronto and the city has so many great things to offer.


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