"Going Home" Guest Post : Barbara from Hodge:Podge

While I am visiting my parents for the month of August, a few of my blogging buddies are going to help me out with some guest posts.  First up is the sweet Barbara from Hodge:Podge.  Barbara and I just met in person in February, but I have long followed her blog.  She has great taste and is a DIY queen!  Plus she hosts that amazing series So Canadian, Eh? where she asks thoughtful questions to Canadian involved in design - from bloggers to international superstars.  I think it is one of my favourite reads.  Take it away Barbara!

Hope Lisa is enjoying her time "at home".

So it is my pleasure to share with you what is means to "come home". Our family has moved many times for my husband's former employer. We have lived in two provinces, 6 cities and also lived in the southern US state of Virginia. The idea of going home is hard to pin down. I really felt at home in Virginia,  but I was raised on the west coast of British Columbia so my heart is always there. "Home" really means the fresh ocean air, tall Douglas firs and cedars, leafy ferns and the rain. But my idea of home is also a mix of my heritage, as my parents are immigrants to Canada, hailing from the Czech Republic. So a true feeling of home has bit of that thrown in.

It is hard to explain "home" but I thought I share it with you in pictures!
 The misty mornings by the river.
 The large cedars I walk by every day with my dog. I missed the woods of BC when we lived away.
 The thick and heavy moss covered woods along with bright, green ferns.
The waters of the Pacific Ocean and Burrard Inlet.
I also surround myself with reminders of my heritage, and my first language.
Czech Easter eggs.
Black ink paintings of Prague.
 China from my Czech grandmothers.
There you have it - home.
Hope you were able to get a sense of what "home" means to me.
Lisa, enjoy visiting your home! See you when you get back!
XO Barbara

Thank you so much Barbara! I love seeing the special mix of places that make us who we are, and learning something new about my blog friends.  How lucky to call the coast of BC home - those greens are just so magnificent.  And of course I love that Czech china!  Djekuji Barb!

There are a few more bloggers and friends helping me with this series, you will see their posts in the weeks to come.  If you have any photos or stories you would like to contribute, please drop me a line! xo


  1. Dekuji Lisa! Hope you are enjoying your time at home!

  2. I love when people talk about where they are from, you learn so much about people that way, so I love this series.  And Barbara, you def come from one of the most beautiful places in Canada.  And that china of your grandma's china!

  3. These are such beautiful photos, Barbara ! Those chinas and blue hydrangeas are stunning!


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