Sukan kilim pillows

The amazing etsy shop Sukan is nothing but pure crack for pillow lovers.  They are made from old kilim rugs, suzanis, and other Middle Eastern carpets and I want one of each - I really do.  Several of them are on sale for the ridiculous price of $29, how is a girl to resist??  The colours are so rich, and each one tells a story.
Believe it or not, the Sukan shop has 41 PAGES of more pillows like this!

You just need a few (and maybe a sun-bleached Mediterranean pied-a-terre) to create a look like this:
Nuevo Estilo

Or just a couple (and an impeccably-designed Victorian in Parkdale) to have a room like this:
Marion House Book

Or just a handful (and whom-ever does Ellen Pompeo's design) for a sexy bedroom like this (ok - so these pillows are West-African, but you get the idea):
Elle Decor

Even Pottery Barn approves:
Pottery Barn via Pearly Notes   (p.s.  Pottery Barn also has them on sale)

As does Lonny Magazine:

My little guy from Turkey looks lonely...
Seems foolish NOT to get a few, don't you think? :)


  1. I'm not really sure whether to hug you or blame you. This store is like crack.
    Danger, danger, lol.

  2. I accept both, but really prefer the hugs... :)


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