Lost in Deep Dark Africa

I love this online shop Deep Dark Africa, which features beautiful hand-made contemporary African design objects.  It's like Etsy, but just for Africa!  I know that while in South Africa, I found they had such a strong craft and artisan community (although my perspective is suspect since I was immersed in it from the get-go).  Not surprisingly, the flavour of the hand-made objects and art pieces in South Africa so very different from anything I had been used to in Canada, a little edgier and more provocative, even in something as simple as ceramics.  I brought home as much as my bags would allow, but that was over 10 years ago (!!) and my taste has changed so much I feel like I need another trip back!  Or maybe I can save on airfare and just dive in to this great store.  See how online shopping just saved me all kinds of money??*

*PS I am also happy to justify other people's purchases.  Let me know if you need help explaining something, and I will send you at least 5 reasons your purchase made perfect sense.

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