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One of my favourite blogs for inspiring interiors, Design Elements, recently posted an interview with Maryland-based designer Andrew Galuppi (pictured above - um....yeah...trying to edit myself...).  Perusing his portfolio I didn't go completely mad for his work, although it is very nice (could be the photography isn't great), but he had a quote in the interview that completely resonated with me:
“A space should support you. Everything you choose to surround yourself with, carries a vibration that affects you daily. Balance and harmony in your home will mirror itself in an abundant life.”
Isn't that lovely?  I certainly feel that way in my house - there is nothing around me that I don't love and doesn't have some sort of significance for me, and it all combines to give me a peaceful, contented feeling when I look around.  What the quote really made me realize, though, is that this does carry through to the rest of my life - when my home is in chaos I am grumpy, flustered and irritable.  When everything is in its place everything sort of glows for me and I feel much more calm and centered.  It's all a little airy-fairy I know, but it is always nice to see your thoughts expressed so well by someone else.  What do you think of his quote?  Below is some work from his portfolio:

photo: William Waldron for Elle Decor, design: Andrew Galuppi
photo: William Waldron for Elle Decor, design: Andrew Galuppi

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