Happy Birthday Will!

Today was Will's 4th birthday (I am still in shock that he is that old) and we hosted a drop-in party to celebrate.  It was a day full of good friends and cute kids and SUGAR.  The kids and I made some simple construction paper decorations yesterday and last night I was up until after midnight making this damn cake and cupcakes.  The photos are terrible - I blame the tiredness and hectic pace of the day, but they are awful!  I am kind of disappointed I didn't take more time to capture the day, but I guess it is a testament to how much fun we were having.
William requested a rainbow cake with purple icing, so I thought I would go with the (cheap and easy) rainbow theme for the day!  The crown was his idea - I think someone in his class had a birthday this week, and got a crown and cupcakes.  His wish was my command - how can I deny this face?
The new furniture layout seemed to work out well... ;p
The cake recipe I got here, and I kind of wish I had gone with a simpler recipe, especially as I was starting the boiled outer icing at midnight last night.  It was three coloured layers with three different-coloured layers of icing in between.
Maybe these colours broke my camera?
The finished layers looks disturbingly like a Big Mac...
Yeah - quite the knife, eh?  I wasn't messing around...
In the end the icing layers didn't show up very much, but people seemed to enjoy it none-the-less, especially the little guys!
It was a really wonderful time with some fabulous friends.  The boys were wonderful despite what must have been a pretty overwhelming day.  It's no wonder Will went to bed asking to have another birthday tomorrow!  I think I need the year to recuperate...  :)


  1. Happy Birthday to your little guy! Looks like he had a fabulous day! Love the rainbow cake, well done!

  2. What a fun birthday AND what a fantastic cake! Lucky kid :)

  3. Thanks Tina - I have to say the photos of the cake make me feel slightly ill, but I think I may have licked too much sugar and batter and icing, etc! :)

  4. Thanks Barbara, it was a lot of fun, but I think that's the last rainbow cake I will be making! :)

  5. Thanks Janice, I think so too. :)

  6. Thanks Lindsay - it was such a great day. We are lucky to have amazing friends. And cute kids!

  7. Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!!

    Love the rainbows!!! What a fun partay!

  8. What a party! happy birthday to your little boy!


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