Yulia Brodskaya

I know Yulia made the rounds on blogs everywhere ages ago but I just stumbled across her portfolio and am SO inspired.  Her paper creations are exquisite, not only in their fine detail, but their incredible use of colour.  That being said, her white on white illustrations have incredible texture and depth.  Originally from Russia, Yulia now lives in the UK where she went to get her Masters in Graphic Communication.  She combines her love of typography and graphic design with her insane quilling skills (quilling being the art of paper curling she employs so brilliantly).  Her style is so unique and so powerful, she has quickly built up a list of high-profile clients, including Google, for whom she designed the bird above.  (She mentions on her site that she has had many requests for that image for tattoos - wouldn't that be stunning?)  Below are some of the works from her portfolio, including her many corporate commissions.  A.Maze.Ing.

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  1. Wow! I wonder how long each piece took her. I love the colours, although I also really like the whites. I don't know if I could pick a favourite.


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