Boarding pass/fail

Anyone out there like a fun graphic design story?  Yeah, me too...  I stumbled on this one on Blah Blah Blahg and just had to share.  Designer Tyler Thompson was bored one day while flying Delta and had lots of time to concentrate on how BAD the layout and design of their boarding pass is.

So he doodled for the duration of the flight and came up with a few of his own designs, and blogged about it.

Other graphic designers added their suggestions as well.

It is an interesting discussion, in terms especially of customer experience.  I know (from experience) that there are often back-end needs that trump a pretty design, but it is always a great idea to start with what the customer sees and the information they need to find, and then work from there.  In the same vein is the American Airlines website of Dustin Curtis - another example of a designer take on a poor customer experience.  So, seen anything lately you would like to redesign?

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  1. Love it! Especially the design that spells out the name in parenthesis phoenetically.


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