The Jealous Curator

Have you guys seen The Jealous Curator blog?  It is awesome - her tag line is "A collection of artwork that inspires & depresses me.  You know it's good when I'm left thinking DAMN I WISH I THOUGHT OF THAT." Which is just a genius subject for a blog, and so well put.  Anyway, she has a couple of things on there that I had to share, cause they are so cool.

First up is Coloured Pencils from artist Jonna Pohjalainen.  In her words:

"I travelled to work in Pedvale with empty hands. I admired the lovely rural scene and the sunsets of Pedvale. I used local aspen in my work because of its lively forms and beautiful, grey colour. While you sharpen your pencils you can see time passing by. Colours bring joy and happiness in our everyday life. I chose a place of of my work because of the sunsets. You can sit and meditate near my work and look at the sunsets. Without sun there are no colours and life!"
So cool, right?  Then we have the amazing collages of Australian Liesl Pfeffer.  Incidentally, she sells these in her Etsy shop - for around $20!!

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