Incredible reading of 'Litany' by Billy Collins

OK, so I saw this on a bunch of sites and didn't want to stop and watch it, figuring it was one of those cutesy youtube sensations I could miss.  However, this evening I saw it once again on yet another blog and hit play.  And now I am posting it here.  Because it is really quite incredible - a very wonderful reading of a very beautiful poem, by a 3-year-old.  A 3-year-old who clearly has an ear for poetry, and some exceptional parents.  

What do you think?  Did you like it or did it feel like watching a trained parrot?
Here is the poem:


  1. ummmm yah, i didnt hit play till i saw it compliments to the parrot and the trainer!

    beautiful poem...that kid is special!


Thank you so much for your comment - they always make my day!