Music I like: Coeur de Pirate

Some fun music for you on this sunny Tuesday, care of Quebecois cutie Coeur de Pirate, aka Beatrice Martin.  At 21, this girl has crazy confidence, a fabulous voice, and obviously knows how to rock the tattoos.  In 2009, CBC Radio 3 gave her song Comme des Enfants a Bucky award for Best Reason to Learn French, but I don't think you need to understand to love her songs.  She does some fabulous covers of Umbrella and I Kissed a Girl on YouTube too... I hope these put a spring in your step today!


  1. I love Coeur de Pirate! Her music is so refreshing. Oh, and French CBC has a one hour broadcast of her concert from the Francofolies in Montreal this past June. It's worth checking out!

  2. Fun! But man, is my French rusty.


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