Samantha Robinson

I  just love these delicate porcelain pieces made by Australian potter Samantha Robinson - they seem to be dainty and juicy all at once, with their fine patterns and bold colours.  She makes each one by hand, and transfers the patterns on with tissue paper.  Every piece is just a little bit different, with no two being the same.  As she says, if you want them all identical, you can get that at a department store!  Right now you can just look at the pretty photos on her site (and there are many) but it does promise that you will eventually be able to order.
I loooooove these platters.  They would make any food look delish!

*OK i have been informed that porcelain cannot be JUICY, and if it could, it would not look like these.  Whatever.  It's my blog and I'm leaving it.  They can't all be gold people. :)


  1. The platters are great, but my faves are definitely the teapots. I also love the cup with the birds (below the teapots).

  2. I got what you mean, Juicy totally makes sense, and yes its your blog, say what you want ;)


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