After the Rain

We had a dramatic thunder storm yesterday (a sure sign of summer!) and afterwards the hubster and I headed out for a walk.  Thank heavens I brought my camera, because the light was gorgeous and the flowers are in full show.  The air was humid and smelled divine from all the lilacs, lily of the valley, etc.  I was reminded how much I love this neighbourhood when we walked down into the ravine through the trees and down to the river.  We only passed 4 other people - it was like we were far from the city and had to whole place all to ourselves.  It was such a treat to have my mum watching the kids so we could go for a walk together...


  1. Love the flower shots using macro - so beautiful! I have just begun experimenting with the macro function in my camera in the hopes of taking better photos for my site, and am both admiring and envious of those who seem to have mastered it :) Absolutely gorgeous photos ....

  2. Gee thanks April! Although I think the photos on your site are lovely.

    These pics were actually not taken with a macro (I really want to get one though). They were taken with a prime/fixed 35mm lens, which has a really shallow depth of field due to its larger aperture. (That sounds like I might know what I am talking about but I have only the most basic grasp of this stuff!) I would love to know more about photography - I kind of feel like a one-trick pony. :p


Thank you so much for your comment - they always make my day!