Kate Schultz (and old photos of the hubster)

I love the oil paintings from Calgary artist Kate Schultz, introduced to me by Nyla.  Kate focusses much of her paintings on memories, and works from snapshots, cell phone pics, etc.  In here words:
“My work is about memory. I am fascinated by the bittersweet aspect of nostalgia that is neither entirely happy nor sad, but is a universal experience that humanizes us. The past is a deeply personal and resonant place for people and I am always looking at ways to capture these feelings on canvas; immortalize them and make them big. [...] There is both a sense of comfort and awkwardness in my work. I find it easier to represent the universality of these nostalgic subjects if I remain detached a little bit, so I often work from memories that are not my own. My source images come from snapshots from other people’s photo albums and most recently from strangers via requests on the Internet. I am especially drawn to photos that are blurry, disintegrating or over-exposed because visually they look so much like our foggy, fading memories.”

Kate currently has a call out for submissions for snapshots and photo from a summer vacation.  She will immortalize the best ones in a series of paintings.  Submissions are due by the end of May - the rest of the details are on her blog.

I don't have many family photos on my computer, but I may get my mum to bring some up when she visits.  I do have some of my husband's though - maybe one of the following would work?

 Which one do you like best?  Think I should submit one?  (My hubs is the one with the white hat, is he adorable or what??)

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  1. Those paintings are lovely. I love the sense of nostalgia. I think the last two photos are great... they both remind me of my own childhood summers.


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