SICO - let's paint campaign

Sorry for the terrible iPhone photos, but I was so excited to see larger than life paint chips greet me in the subway this morning!  What a clever campaign by Quebec-based SICO paints to try to differentiate itself in the highly-competative paint industry. To quote from an article in Marketing Magazine,
The subway station environment makes it easy to demonstrate the power of colour. “With dull grey, a pop of colour here and there acts as a trigger… We want people to think, ‘Maybe I have something to paint,’ and we would like to be their paint partner,” [marketing manager Dominique Pépin] said.
They will also be handing out different-coloured flowers on Thursdays in TTC stations, with a card that sends them to their facebook page for $10 off their new Cashmere line of paint.  Apparently it is available in 22 locations in Toronto (looks like mostly RONA and Home Hardwares).  What do you think?  Would you consider using SICO paints?  I have never tried them, but this campaign sure made me take notice!


  1. Such a great campaign! I haven't read the marketing mag article yet, but my wife and I saw the Sico ads at Yonge station last week. We both found the stark simplicity quite striking.

    Great Post Lisa!

  2. I'm so sad I missed this! I ride the subway every day but the wrong line I guess. Great campaign!


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