My birthday with Adele

On Wednesday, I somehow realized that Adele was playing in Toronto that night - how could I have missed that?  I thought I would casually ask one of my ticketing "connections" if they knew of any last minute tickets being released to this sold-out show, on the off chance that I could snag a ticket and go.  I thought it would be a nice birthday gift to myself!  Well somehow this amazing lady worked a miracle and got me an AMAZING seat.  Even better, my colleagues all pitched in and covered the cost of the ticket as a birthday gift....and then the sun came out after weeks of rain.  True story.  I left work and got a beautiful manicure (Essie - Clam Bake), had a beer and some food by myself on a patio (first patio of the season!), and then walked down to an amazing concert.  It was the best solo birthday date ever! 
I took a few blurry photos and some video, but I will spare you most of it.  Instead, I leave you with the following link to give you an idea of how incredible this girl is.  Goosebumps!


  1. Birthday and Adele!?? Doesn't get any better than that, does it?

  2. Nice! And BTW...Happy Birthday Homie! xo


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