Smallest apartment EVER

Spanish photographer Christian Schallert transformed this 258 square foot former pigeon coop into a completely functional, and even stylishly minimal apartment.  While I am getting panic attacks just contemplating being in this space (breathe Lisa, breathe), I do admire how well laid-out and clutter free his space is, and the imagination and vision required to go from the images above to the images below.
The video from which I took these screenshots can be found here - I highly recommend a viewing!  To live such a streamlined and minimal existence is kind of enviable - although clearly it would never work for any more than one person.  And his clever use of space and storage is inspiring even in larger places. It is no surprise to learn that he was inspired by boat design. I have always had a fascination with the genius use of space on boats - all those cubbies, dual purpose surfaces, and transformable spaces are fascinating to me.  However... this may be a bit extreme for me - you?  

Thanks to the amazing Brian Columbus for the link! :)

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  1. I could live there but only in an amazing area. Rob and I lived in a small loft (under 400 sq ft) for 1 year. Yikes!


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