Music I Like: The Morning Benders

Wowee - I haven't posted in a while cause life has been BUSY.  My mom was visiting, I had some birthday celebrations, we are getting ready for some summer trips, and we also decided to renovate our kitchen!  My time online has been a bit curtailed (or spent looking for countertops) but I am jumping back in with both feet.  Already this evening I have had some great luck with music recommendations from my blogs.  First up is The Breakers - recommended by Jen at the Haystack Needle (who also just had her birthday!).  Fun, upbeat tunes - I just downloaded it.

Then on Simple Lovely, Carina Schott posted this awesome video of Excuses by The Morning Benders.  His voice is great, and i sooo wish I could have been a part of this!  Anyone out there need a mediocre, self-conscious back-up singer (who prefers singing as part of a large group)?  No?  Your loss, man.

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