Mother's Day

I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely weekend and mother's day!  Mine was especially nice as it was my first as Mother-Of-Two, and my own Mumma was here to celebrate with me.  I got her the lovely bouquet above as she loves peonies.  Luckily, I get to enjoy it too since she is staying here!
Using this fabulous tutorial, I also made her a fabric flower brooch.  Poor Mum had to mind the kiddies while I put it together for her though, since I only got the sewing machine back from service on Friday.
I am lucky to have the bestest Mum in the whole wide world.  Happy Mother's Day Mumma!
(photo by the fabulous Tara McMullen)


  1. Beautiful flowers and beautiful photo of you, the kids, and your mom. I don't know if I have any photos of just me and my mom with the boys. I will be sure to take some this summer.

  2. I love the flower! You did an amazing job, better than me :) I love how you did the back too!

  3. Those peonies are gorgeous. Great photo!

  4. Thanks you guys! Deanna I have a feeling I will be making a lot of those - so easy! Thanks for the tutorial! Oooh - 3 in a bunch would be awesome on a belt...must file that idea away. Kendra I love this photos too, it was so lucky that Mum was here when we had Tara do the photos. I had to DRAG her in to the photo, but now I will always have it. And Marjorie, thank you, but the peonies really did all the work for that photo! :)


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