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It seems like suddenly there are a whole lot of online magazines out there in blogland.  Decor8 has a great listing of many of them here.  While they will never replace the real thing for me, they are a great addition to paper magazines and design blogs.  What I find amazing about 1 by Norwegian designer and blogger Jeannete Lunde of FRYD + Design, is that she one day decided it would be nice to make a magazine, and now almost 17,000 people have viewed it in the last week! (Oh and I should mention that the English version just went up today, so all those people read the magazine in Norwegian...)  I am not sure what kind of programme you need, or what it costs to publish it, but how cool is it that you can just up and make your own magazine??

Hers is as lovely as her blog, full of white and pink, and amazing photos of her home.  It is so beautifully designed and laid out (of course, she is a graphic designer!).  There are DIY projects, recipes, children's rooms, sewing, gardening tips - you name it!  You can read it or download it here.  Here are some of my favourite images:
So... any of you going to design your own magazine? :)

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  1. So, when are you going to design your magazine? And when are we going to make that t-shirt dress?


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