The Kitchen

You may have noticed (or not) that any house photos I post, either here or on some of the house tours on other sites, do not include any photos of the kitchen.  That is because our kitchen makes me crazy.  The night we moved in, I stayed up until 3 am painting the cabinets white and crying.  (I was also preggo, which may explain the slight over-reaction, but trust me - the kitchen was not a pretty scene.)  Just LOOK at that ridiculous fridge placement.  And that horrid range floating in no-man's-land.  And the lack of counter space.  And NO DISHWASHER.  And no cabinets.  And the plastic floor covered in perma-stains.  Yup, this kitchen makes me nuts.
 Somehow it doesn't look quite so nasty in these photos, but this kitchen will finally meet it's maker this summer.  We have decided to bite the bullet and replace it with a full reno!!  Of course my first order of business was scouring the internet for inspiration - and there is so much out there!  Here are a just a few from my "what about this?" files.
Unfortunately, because I saved them for my own reference, I don't have sources for them all - if you recognize any, please let me know.  Here are the ones I know: 1) A Brooklyn Limestone 2) Cotswold Furniture Makers (gorgeous stuff) 3) Elle Decor 4) _JohnMuir Flickr photo 5) Canadian House and Home 6) The Kitchn 7) Not sure 8) Don't Know 9) House Beautiful

However, when I saw this one on Apartment Therapy, I knew it was The One.  It is the kitchen of Cellist Wendy Sutter, Philip Glass's collaborator and partner, and was designed by Luke Mulvey. You should go check out the 'before' photos.
It worked perfectly with all of the new stainless appliances that we got at Lowe's (for the cheapest prices I could find) and we even got that faucet before I saw these.  The best part is that the cabinets are Ikea, and when I went to price them, I found that the bottom ones are being discontinued - and were 50% off! Sweet.  Plus, it is both white AND wood, marrying the two styles I could not decide between.  And of course - cellist + Philip Glass + I work for an orchestra = FATE!  :)

It has been so much easier to make decisions having this photo in mind, and because of the timing for the reno, I had to make up my mind quickly.  The work will start in the next few weeks - so stay tuned for updates! :)


  1. Holy movers and shakers! You are crazy - do you ever do anything at a leisurely pace? I know, with kids there's no such thing as a leisurely pace - except everything you're in a hurry to do. Does that make sense? I have to say I'm very partial to the first photo (Brooklyn Limestone) - probably because it's exactly what I did to my kitchen. Your kitchen is going to look amazing - as does everything else you've done to your house. I can't wait to see it. And the faucet - do you remember helping me pick out the same one at Lowe's?

  2. I do remember Kenj! In fact as we bought it I said - I think this is the same faucet we picked for Kendra... :) Yes, we like to keep things interesting around here. Life is never dull.


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