Happy Kitchen Window Sill

On Sunday, Jen Fowler and I went to designer Kimberly Seldon's market in the Distillery District.  We had fun (despite the $60 parking ticket!  Grrr.....) and I got some lovely Robert Allen fabric.  One of the booths had beautiful plants and garden ideas - I was this close to leaving with a cardinal whirly-gig - including a big galvanized bucket with a mini garden in it, complete with spinach, lettuce, beets and herbs.  They had a vintage cracker tin with a few herbs in it as well, that I was sorely tempted by.  Instead, today I went to the dollar store and found this great tin - for a dollar!  I actually like it better, what with the mountain theme and all...  I got some basil for a buck at one of the fruit and flower markets across the street, and voila!

Can't wait for that pesto!!

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