Happy [Spendy] Spaces

I somehow happened upon this Happy Spaces site and bookmarked it ages ago.  I love the bright graphic artwork, most of which could look great in a boy's or girl's room.  Actually, you can search by gender, by colour, by size, by artist, etc.  However, I have to include a caveat - when making this post I noticed that these artworks are about $140 CDN each.  How did I miss that the first time?  Not sure.

I have to say this has somewhat dimmed my view of this site, but maybe I am just in a cheap mood.  I usually think that we are too used to paying for cheap, mass-produced crap for our kids (and ourselves), and that you have to pay more for quality, hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces, especially for the artist to be properly compensated for their work.  On the other hand, I am sooo tired as a new-ish Mum to feeling like I have a big SUCKER sign taped to my back.  I think that a lot of stores and companies tend to prey on a mother's overwhelming desire to do right for her kids. (Could be that I am just feeling foolish for being the owner of a $30 towel that ties behind the neck for newborns.  Fool me once...)  And there is so much beautiful original stuff that you can buy direct from the artist on sites like Etsy...  Anyhoo, here is the copy from the site, and some lovely children's artworks to admire.  What's your take?
Happy Spaces brings you a collection of colourful and imaginative wall art for kids by some of the world's finest artists. We pride ourselves on offering art that is refreshingly different and fun for children! Exciting adventures, fabulous stories and lovable characters, are all here waiting to be discovered by your child through the medium of art. All our pictures, reproduced on cotton canvas, are made with love and are exclusive to Happy Spaces. Each canvas is expertly finished, beautifully wrapped and supplied with a specially designed postcard.


  1. These are super-lovely, and I do feel that artists need to get paid, but I'm with you on the "I'm a sucker" thing. And I think they're prints, not originals. I feel $140 is steep for prints (see your post of TushTush).

    That said, those elephants are pretty adorable...

  2. also, I liked your DIY alphabet way more.

  3. Agreed. I think I'd feel better about spending $140 for a print if it was going to last a long time - these kids prints definitely have a shelf life in terms of your kid's room. They're all pretty cute, but the alphabet reminds me of an elementary school classroom - I've seen way too many alphabet posters like this.

  4. I love all of these designs oh so much!


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