Weekend Update

Many of you have been asking for a basement report and I always oblige my dear readers.  These are photos of my basement on the 15th of November.  Should you photoshop out the heaters and fans, and add a lot of dust, you would have a completely accurate image of our basement as of tonight.  Did I mention that this is also our guest room and that my in-laws are arriving (with their beautiful white boxer Sunny) two weeks this Saturday?  Just checking to see if I had mentioned that...

Anyhoo...  Hopefully the nest two weeks will be FULL of basement reports!

Instead of worrying about our basement, we threw ourselves into family time this weekend.*  We had our last swimming lessons, made our way through Santa in the Junction (which was really fun) and went to see the Canadian Pacific holiday train.

The next day we all went to see Raffi, and the boys and I were so excited.  After the concert we went for dinner at the pub for a special end to a special weekend.  I wouldn't even trade it for a finished basement...

What about you - how was the first weekend of December?

*Actually, I threw myself into Mommy-Night-Out a little too forcefully on Friday night and felt the bruises thoughout family weekend...


  1. Grace_senseandsimplicityDecember 4, 2012 at 8:17 PM

    Oh. My. Goodness. So sad about the bottom quarter of your basement. I do hope there is speedy work on it. Sigh.

    I'm glad Raffi went as well as planned. This is such a fun time of year with young children - makes me wish mine were young again.

  2. I was so sad at the start of your post seeing all that drywall cut out. Good on you for having a fantastic weekend despite it - sounds like you guys had lots of fun. Now for that basement to get finished!! Fingers crossed

  3. looks like a nice break for the basement situation at the train fun. didn't realize your boys are so big now .... what a cute family! Hope to see you before Christmas Lisa!

  4. oh man! the basement will get put back together! eventually!
    i feel like i jinxed your basement after raving about it (after the s&c house tour!). guilty!

    i threw myself into christmas shopping and have

  5. Somehow I can't pin all the blame on you Shannon... :) The contractor we have for this is great, I have no fear that he will do everything he can to get it done. There is just so much paperwork, you know? You got caught in the TTC door? OW! Were you loaded down with packages? :) My bruises were more of the headache and queasy/hung over variety...

  6. Thanks Tim! Yes, it shocks me too sometimes to see photos of them, they are still little guys in my head. Hopefully there will be another blogger event, if not, I will see you early January! Now heading over to your blog to see that amazing giveaway...

  7. Oh thanks for the sympathy Sylvia, I remain optimistic - what else can I do? Yes Raffi was so much fun, the whole weekend was really. It really is such a fun time of year, and I love getting outside and doing community events like those, makes me feel more like Christmases at home! :)

  8. Pretty cool shots, Lisa! I'd say you have a lot to be thankful this year...


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