Christmas pinecone painting

The boys were a fabulous help with the Christmas decorating this year.  One of our favourite projects was collecting pinecones at the park and painting them when we got home.  We started by painting white on the edges to look like snow, but then the tubes of gold and glitter seemed like even more fun!  When they dried, I put them just about everywhere - I especially love how they look on the mantel and in amongst my beach stones.

The great thing about doing Christmas crafts is that they are instantly go on display - so gratifying for the kids.  It has me thinking about how I can incorporate even more of their art into my decor on a regular basis - any ideas?


  1. Sweet! Now have them paint the pinecones with peanut butter and roll em in bird seed...put them out for the tweets! Enjoy your Christmas Peace!

  2. What a great idea! We will do that for sure! Thank you. :)


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