Shopping for a good cause: Invisible Children

Invisible Children and its campaign against Joseph Kony attracted a huge amount of media attention earlier in the year, not all of it positive.  In my mind, it was a powerful and effective use of social and traditional media to not only bring specific African atrocities to light, but also to successfully engage and mobilize people in a 'new school' grassroots effort to make change happen.

The organization continues to work hard towards its goals, and this holiday season it has launched an online store selling artisanal African goods, including beautiful jewellery, bags, scarves, and shoes, with 100% of the profits going towards supporting Invisible Children's mission.  100% - astounding!  Now, having worked in many a non-profit organization, I know that there are many ways to explain the distribution and allocation of funds, and it is easy to nit-pick a claim such as this.  However, it beats the pants off buying pink nail polish and having 2% (or sometimes 0% - see "pink-washing") go towards fighting breast cancer.  And the products are both gorgeous and affordable!  I call that a win-win-win.  Now let's look at the pretty:

So many beautiful things - I don't think there is one thing on there I wouldn't love to have (with special love for bracelets).  The scarves, bags and shoes are equally awesome (and the shoes are produced in collaboration with Canadian-based Olibert√© Shoes).  So if you have anyone left on your holiday list...start shopping!

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