Pretty little things make me happy

The lovely Brooke from Pure and Noble had a sale of some of her vintage items and I nabbed this cute little blue vase.  It reminds me of the Russel Wright dinnerware that I would love to collect.  It was sitting in my glass cupboard until I found a branch had broken off my new poinsettia plant during transport.  I couldn't bear to toss the pretty flower, and went to find a small vase - and voila!  I think it couldn't be more perfect.  Aren't the colours of the leaves gorgeous? They look painted on.

Sometimes the little things can make me so happy... :)


  1. Thus post makes me happy! Its beautiful. Well done. I love it. Hugs and kisses lovely friend!

  2. barbara @hodge:podgeJanuary 1, 2013 at 10:18 AM

    Beautiful! Happy New Year Lisa!

  3. Hooray! I love looking at it and thinking how cool it is that I met a blogging buddy in Texas! I hope you and your guys have a wonderful new year!

  4. Thank you Barbara! ANd to you and yours! :)


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