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I couldn't have happened upon this soothing blog on a better day.  My weekend was a whirlwind: Interior Design Show Gala, Goodnight speakeasy, illness, anxiety attack, husband's 40th, Canadian Design Bloggers Meetup, dinner night with the girlfriends.  It was an intense few days packed with ups and downs.  So when I arrived on this blog courtesy of Bookhou's Facebook page, I lost myself in the images.
Photographer Mary Jo Hoffman is posting a photo a day for the duration of 2012.  The subjects will be still lifes of gathered and found objects, similar to Lisa Congdon's 2010 A Collection a Day project, although Mary Jo's subjects are focused on the natural world. The soothing site design, light-soaked photography, and artfully-arranged organic materials create a true oasis in the action-packed blogosphere.  It is like a moment of, yes, stillness for your visually-overstimulated eyes and mind.  These are some of my favourite images, but for the full effect (the site design is amazing) I urge you to go visit, and take a deep breath.

All photographs copyright Mary Jo Hoffman.
The incredible blog design is the work of Josh Clancy.


  1. This is amazing and I'll be travelling over there :) I nominated you for a Liebster on my blog, cause who can't use more followers? Those ferns are wow. Check out your link at:

  2. Dharma - that is so awesome - THANK YOU!! It was so great to see you Saturday, I hope your boys had a great night in the Big Smoke. :)

  3. Thanks for commenting Sundeep! I am sad we didn't hook up Saturday, next time I will def. make a point of finding you!


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