A Mix of Styles near Madrid

Mixing antiques in with modern surroundings and pieces is one of my favourite decorating techniques.  It is not always easy to do, but for me it has more personality (or maybe personalities?) than an all-modern or all-traditional home.  I love mixing the clean lines of newer pieces with the depth and texture of antiques.  This home outside Madrid does it nicely, in my opinion, and that grey wall grounds both styles of furniture.
Oh it is nice to look through a house with this much light on a dreary day like today...

All photos from Mi Casa.


  1. Hey, that's an IKEA kitchen! I'm dying over the wooden beams in the bedroom, and the wineglass hutch, and those super modern rocking chairs. This place looks comfortable and homey, yet stylish. Nothing is too precious. I love the layered bulletin board in the kitchen, too. Nice to know I'm not the only one buried under a pile of kid drawings.Great find, Lisa.

  2. I love eclectic spaces and I especially love the dark grey walls in the first two photos.


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