IDS12 - Cherish Auction & Exhibit

I am really excited to attend the Interior Design Show (IDS) this year.  I went last year and although my feet hurt for days afterwards, I was just amazed and inspired by all the creativity on display.  It was like all my favourite blogs come to life in one big, huge room (and indeed I did chat with lots of Canadian design bloggers while there!).  There are many reasons I am extra excited this year - one big one being BlogPodium, which happens on the Friday, and another being the Opening Night Gala party, which I have never been to.  This year, the DJ is designer-extraordinaire Karim Rashid... I KNOW, RIGHT?!

During the Gala, there will be available for auction designer re-imagined Julian chairs by Magis (pictured above).  I love the idea of starting with such an iconic and cool children's chair and having well-known designers try to make it their own.  All the proceeds from this auction go to benefit the ONEXONE Foundation.
The chairs above are the creations of (L to R) Joe Mimran for Joe Fresh, Alfred Sung, and AKB (Atelier Kastelic Buffey).  Other designers taking part include Arthur Mendonca, Bruce Mau Design, David + Glenn Dixon, Debbie Travis, Donna Karan, Arren Williams for HBC, Giannone Petricone, Philip Sparks and Piero Lissoni, among others.

It should be quite a night.  I have bought what promise to be ridiculously painful (but obviously otherwise fabulous) shoes to wear with an LBD.  If you are going, please let me know what you are wearing!  Tickets are still available here, I think, in case you haven't got yours yet.  See you there!

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