veneer light

Surfing the interweb the other night I saw this incredible light fixture by Tom Raffield and had to show it to Mum.  I am looking for one for our sun room, which will be a focal point of the first floor once our kitchen renovations are done.  I am not sure this is the one, but it would be kind of cool.  The price tag for this puppy really isn't THAT extreme, but still, how thrilled was I to see this DIY from Arounna Khounnoraj of Bookhou on Poppytalk??  Definitely not the same lamp, but really kind of cool, and waaaay more affordable.
What do you think?  If you hadn't seen the first one, and saw the second one in my house, would you be astounded and amazed by my incredible talent and design sense, or astounded and amazed at the amount of hours I wasted fiddling with veneer, hot glue, and office clamps when I could have been, oh, flossing, or doing just about anything else more worthwhile?

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  1. I love the lamp! I think you should go for it and don't forget to post pictures of your brilliant lamp when you are done.


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