Rock On!

I saw these awesome iPod cases made by Lindsay of BraveMoonman on sfgirlbybay today.  I made soo many mixed tapes - gosh, who didn't make a million mixed tapes back in the day?  For yourself, for your BF, for your BFF - I always chose to further personalize mine by doing a magazine collage on the cardboard insert.  I still have a shoe box full of the ones I can't bear to part with.  Sigh...  oh sorry, you lost me down memory lane for a sec.

So of course I neeeeeeeeed one of these beauties for my iPod, don't you think?  The trouble is... which one??


  1. Oh my, I love this sooo much! Hooray for nostalgia.

  2. Those ROCK my world. Pun intended. The first is my favorite...


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