Brooklyn Rehab

I have a major soft spot for whales, evidenced in grade 4 with my science project on whales and solidified by many, many whale-watching trips (including a big group excursion the day after my/our wedding).  This plaque is totally calling my name.  The rest of the BROOKLYNrehab esty store seems to be whale-less, but is awesome none-the-less, starting with this wicked cool necklace!
I love the idea of these personalize-able napkin rings.  They could be the start of a great shower/wedding gift.
You know they say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.  So true.
Also personalize-able (is that a word?) is this pretty pin.
And this wooden key is so charming, and makes perfect sense as a nice light keychain.
So many goodies - so many!


  1. Thank you for the kindness. I love your indigo post.
    Best wishes!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Alyssa! I forgot to mention that the styling in your photos is also amazing. I love the last one!

  3. Love the rope necklace! I see a rope necklace in RL's future. :)

  4. I will definitely have to check them out. I, too, have a major soft spot for whales. I'll send you a link to my latest 'whale crush.'


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