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I did a post on Kim Ludy of Ethanollie and Trampoline back in April after I discovered her amazing photos on Flickr.  They still stick in my head as the 'ideal' way to style and take photos.  I was thrilled to see this post on Mint featuring her photo styling tips!  She recommends 5 C's to help guide your styling - Camera, Clarity, Composition & Crop, Colour, and Consistency.  In looking at her photos I would add Texture and Tone as being my two favourite elements of her style of photography - just look at the gorgeous distressed table she sets everything up on.  Plus there is innate skill - how else could you make truck side mirrors look as good as in this photo?
She also reveals that she was once a floral designer, which helps in creating amazing shots like this one:
Maybe if I read enough tips online, my photos will get this good! :)

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  1. You're already a stellar photog, Lisa. Thanks for this tutorial link--I got a lot out of it.

    I also like the enewsletter from Darren Rowse at The weekly roundup links to a themed series of quick tutorials written in plain language by photo pros. It helped a lot when I had shot for a friend who was getting married in Jamaica.


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