Lonny Mag

I came a little late to the Domino thing, and only ended up with a few issues before the dramatic folding of the magazine.  I did love the eclectic aesthetic, where they joyfully mixed Ikea, vintage and lots of bold colours and one-of-a-kind accessories.  Well, some of the editors of Domino have launched an online magazine - Lonny.  I still prefer a real, tactile, tear-out-pages magazine over an online version BUT this one does boast followable (?) links to anything you see on the page.  For example, one story has a lovely jewelry armoire bought on ebay, and if you click on it you go to a current search on ebay for jewelry armoires!  So cool.  I also picked up some great new blogs for my reader (like I need more!!) Anyway, this is probably illegal or something, but here are some screenshots (my version of tearing out pages) I liked from this issue:
I am thinking graphic B&W wallpaper like this might be cool in our old tiled bathroom upstairs...


  1. Um, I hope I'm the reader you're talking about!! Kidding aside, I really like the B&W idea for your bathroom. A few really colourful accents and you'll want to spend all day there. A word of caution - do you really want to delve into the world of wallpaper? After stripping off all the old pink wallpaper in this house, we swore we'd never ever wallpaper.

  2. I am so pleased with how this room has come together, I love so many things, especially all the pops of color throughout!Especially the bedroom is to die for!I adore your Blog.


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