Built by Wendy

Ho-LEEEEEE I like these clothes!!  I have always liked Built by Wendy clothes, but this new collection is GORGEOUS.  It makes me soo excited for summer.   I also love the styling of these - the model is so pretty and I love her hair and shoes...

To see more of Wendy's clothes, or to buy a pattern (if you buy one I want to know so I can get you to make me one!!), or one of her sewing books, go to builtbywendy.com.  Because soon summer will be here!

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  1. Oooh, I really like these too - especially the first two photos and the polka dot skirt. Dan, sitting next to me, very nicely pointed out that I'd need to be long in the torso in order to wear them. Who asked him anyway? I'll try to check out the patterns and see how complicated they are.


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